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Re: FW: EDP weirdness

--- Kim Flint <kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:

> But the reality is, you can't possibly get a hardware problem evaluated 
> fixed by asking on a mailing list about it.

Perhaps Gibson is better, but my reality regarding this sort of 
hardware problem is that no tech will ever be able to find it or fix it 
until it
gets so bad that it's reproducable within the first 2 minutes. At best, 
get your broken machine back without a charge ('cause they couldn't find
anything). At worst, they'll shotgun it, replacing all kinds of crap in 
there and
charging you a big fee...and still not get the problem fixed.

> At best you will get random 
> speculation that is more likely to waste your time by being completely 
> wrong, since nobody can know what the problem is without looking into 
> unit. 

No, at BEST, someone else will have had the same problem and will have the
expertise to tell you exactly how to fix it. As you say, it's not very 
but I've seen it happen before. Now...the USUAL thing would be what you


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