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New AKASH song-video

Happy Holidays...just back from a lonnnnnnggg vacation, but we are back with new treats & fun stuff for the Holiday Season.

*Philly's - Darkly Drawn & Experimental - Sexbomb - AKASH - ( a PH.P
RECORDS Band ) features members who have played with God Lives
Underwater, Josh Wink, Dee-Lite, James Blood Ulmer, King Britt, The
Brand New Heavies, GONG, Bill Laswell, Cecil Taylor & Temple of Bon

We have just uploaded a New AKASH Video ( Real Player Format Only )
for our song "Young Lovers Parade" off of our forthcoming CD: JOYRIDE

Please Ck out the ( LO REZ ) video @ AKASH's Newsgroup on Yahoo:              

The video for "Young Lovers Parade", is a stylized/black & white performacne-art piece which mimics the early silent movies of the 1920's with a soundtrack of AKASH playing our most Jazz leaning music

& as usual, Elizabeth is featured prominently in this AKASH video.

Seeya on tour in your hometown next year.

& once again, many, many, many thanks to everyone out there round the world for all of your support for AKASH over the years :)

Warmest Regards & Happy Holidays,
"The World's Most Erotic Band" 
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"