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Re: SV: tones etc. frisell, mixers, and all things loopie --> mixer

Thanxs a million for the advice Per!
I canīt wait to get one to start xperimenting.Do you
use drum machines in sync with the EDP and repeater as
well?This is another field i want to get more into
sice i love to have rythm in the loops. I ve grown
tired of the sounds of my long time companion DR660 i
like more organic sounds  so i am thinking of getting
a small groove box to sync cool drum wavs. to them.But
there are so many of them!This can be done of course
with the repeater as well but syncronizing the EDP and
repeater loaded with drum loops is not very easy and
not as flexible i guess...
Anyway Where in the signal chain do you have your drum
machine?Do you have anything plugged in the Fxs insert
of the repeater to color the signal or do you do it
via the mixer?

> Hi Louie,
> I was also given this advice from some experienced
> pro users, they said
> a Behringer won't last as long as a Mackie. But they
> are so cheap so I
> bought one anyway for my looping rig. Thought I
> could as well buy
> another one if it should break down; you know you
> can find Behringers in
> any store if this should happen while traveling.
> Mine is a cute Eurorack
> MX 1604A and I mounted it on top of a Gator rack
> where I also keep a
> repeater, an EDP, a guitar pre-amp, a mic pre-amp
> (for saxophone and
> vocals), a Lexicon reverb and a stereo compressor on
> the output to keep
> levels right before going to the PA stage
> box/recorder. Although the
> tape in-put stopped working after a week I like this
> mixer and find my
> set-up very flexible. Using three channels for the
> repeater, one for the
> EDP, one for guitar input and one for sax/mic input,
> I'm getting two
> channels left to bring other sound sources into the
> looping rack. The
> reverb is in the mixer effect send/return loop,
> there are two sends on
> each channel so I'm only using one so far. Both
> loopers get their input
> signal from the "Alt 3-4" output. This button is on
> every mixer channel
> and I can simply push it to send the signal to the
> recording loopers.
> For my needs this little Behringer is ok. It has the
> inputs, outputs and
> routing possibilties I was looking for.
> Best wishes
> Per Boysen
> ________________
> www.boysen.se
> www.fuzz.se
> www.upsweden.com


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