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SV: SV: tones etc. frisell, mixers, and all things loopie --> mixer

> Från: Louie Angulo [mailto:laab2000us@yahoo.com] 
> Thanxs a million for the advice Per!
> I can´t wait to get one to start xperimenting.Do you
> use drum machines in sync with the EDP and repeater as 
> well?This is another field i want to get more into sice i 
> love to have rythm in the loops. I ve grown tired of the 
> sounds of my long time companion DR660 i like more organic 
> sounds  so i am thinking of getting a small groove box to 
> sync cool drum wavs. to them.But there are so many of 
> them!This can be done of course with the repeater as well but 
> syncronizing the EDP and repeater loaded with drum loops is 
> not very easy and not as flexible i guess... Anyway Where in 
> the signal chain do you have your drum machine?Do you have 
> anything plugged in the Fxs insert of the repeater to color 
> the signal or do you do it via the mixer?

Hi Louie,

I've tried drum machines but found it not "organic" enough for my taste
(I own a MC303 and my brother has a 505). I'm more interested in making
ambient music or building percussive patterns with my musical
instruments so the audience can easily see what's going on. I don't like
loading drum patterns into the Repeater either, since I want to
improvise everything. There should be now "composition" in mind when
entering the stage and no "overdubbing" done afterwards, that's how I
like it ;-) That's why I always empty the memories of Repeater and EDP
twice - once before I start playing and then immediately after finishing
a piece.

I'm using the Repeaters FX chain for two separate outputs in parallel
with the main left/right output. 

Best wishes

Per Boysen