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Re: Behringer (was: SV: tones etc. frisell, mixers, and all things loopie --> mixer)

At 12:07 PM 12/14/2002 +0100, Per Boysen wrote:
> > Från: Louie Angulo [mailto:laab2000us@yahoo.com]
> > I was told by a friend to stay away from behringer
> > mixers i have never owned a Mixer so this is a new
> > thang for me.
>I was also given this advice from some experienced pro users, they said
>a Behringer won't last as long as a Mackie. But they are so cheap so I
>bought one anyway for my looping rig.

I also watched a couple of "experienced pro" friends have a fit when it 
came out that I picked up a pair of Behringer Truth monitors for my 
studio.  And, like you, I hit 'em back with the counter argument that I 
could buy the Behringer's three times over again for what I would have 
for a pair of Genelec's, while still maintaining a high standard of sound 

After I began to probe their objections a bit further, it came out that 
real concern they held against the company was that there's this 
Behringer takes innovations upon which other companies have already done 
the R&D, then brings out cloned products for a fraction of the price.  
argument seemed somewhat less disconcerting to me, since many decent 
companies have specialized as much in price innovation as they have 
engineering innovation (tell me: would you rather pay $40,000 for an Akai 
ADAM, or $4,000 for an Alesis ADAT?).  It also seemed rather hypocritical 
on their part, since a couple of them were extremely vocal advocates for 
some of those other companies.

Overall, I think there are some Behringer products which don't sound as 
good as the originals after which they were modelled.  However, there are 
some products which really do shine, even if they only cost a third of 
you might otherwise pay.  To be certain, their competitors don't like 
undercut so badly, and have put an awful lot of FUD out there to 
counter.  Don't pay any attention to it.  Rather, do some research, ask 
around, and, in the end, trust your own judgment as to whether the 
Behringer gear will really get the job done for you.


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