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Re: features for looper

At 12:10 PM -0500 12/15/02, <dennis@mail.worldserver.com> wrote:

>Have you looked at the Looper Construction Kit manual?  What you've
>described is well within the capabilities of the LCK.

This looks like a comprehensive system. I agree that the processing 
and control functions I've described are well covered.

I've had the utmost respect for Kyma, and its creators Carla and 
Kurt, ever since I first got a demonstration from Carla at the ICMC 
at Banff in 1995. Somehow there has always been some reason I haven't 
taken the plunge, whether in was some earlier functional shortcomings 
(such as lack of compositional structuring or multichannel I/O - both 
long since fixed) or simply the lack of the price of admission ($3K 
and up).

I have no doubt that sonically and functionally LCK is an "ultimate" 
looping environment, and it has the additional benefit of having 
ready access to all of Kyma's other sound generating and processing 
capabilities. The area where it doesn't address my utopian vision of 
an ideal sound capture and live manipulation environment is in the 
visual interface. My orientation is very much visual and I'm wishing 
for a sort of sonic fingerpainting environment. If I were playing an 
instrument into a looping device and then performing control 
functions with a pedal board it would be different, but I want to 
perform live the type of editing and processing that I can do on a 
digital workstation such as Pro Tools and the like. There are a few 
of these functions that can be done with the visual UI that I'm 
describing. GRM Tools has a "Freeze" plug-ing that alows you to 
drag-select a region of a scrolling waveform display and to put that 
region into looping mode.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202