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Re: line 6 echo pro

At 11:20 AM -0800 12/15/02, Louie Angulo wrote:

>you have to give one digit higher in the foot controller for example 
>if i want patch 10 on the Echo pro i have to give an 11 in my MIDI 
>pedal same deal if
>you want to send ccs.The rest of my equipment is normal and it took 
>me a while to figure it out since i am not a Midi wizard.I donĄt 
>really understand it
>because in the manual PCs and CCs are listed from 0 to 127.

This is a common problem caused by the attempts of some manufacturers 
to make their equipment more user friendly (while actually making 
interfacing more confusing).

In the real world of MIDI data, program changes range from 0 to 127 
in decimal numbers, (this is the same as 00 to 7F in hexadecimal or 
0000000 to 1111111 in binary numbers). Most humans prefer to count 
starting at 1 rather than 0, so these "helpful" manufacturers add 1 
to the program numbers that the user sees in the interface. But not 
all manufacturers do this, so there can often be a mismatch between 
the user interfaces of two connected devices. If a controller is set 
up to send the "correct" MIDI program change message, then it will 
transmit program change "1" when you press the button that has been 
programmed to send program change "1". However, one of the "helpfully 
designed" controller devices will send out a program change of "0" 
when you press the button that you think has been programmed to send 
program change "1." This is OK as long as the receiving device has a 
similarly deceptive user interface.

On the receiving en, devices that have been designed to display the 
"correct" MIDI program change will always have memory banks number 
starting at 0 and will load presets with the same number as the 
actual program change number they are receiving. I assume you are 
using the Behringer FCB1010. If you send out what "looks like" a 
program change message of "11" and you are recalling program "10" on 
the Line6 then this is due to Beringer being "helpful" in their 
design will Line6 is being "correct" in theirs.

Check this out:


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202