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Re: Behringer weight and mixer options

At 11:56 AM 12/15/2002 -0500, Nick Schillace wrote:

>The 2642 just seems to be a great unit for expansion. I only need 4 
>channels (2 for gtr, 1 for the EDP and one for a boomrang), but I think 
>may be the only 6 aux Behringer and its only $250 now. Plus, I thought it 
>was only a 7 space rack (if musicians friend is correct).I'd like to use 
>the DJ shuttle but I don't think that unit leaves cable space like the 
>rigs, so it's not really 8 usable spaces on top.

In addition to SKB, check out the cases made by Gator 
(http://www.gatorcases.com).  They're a direct competitor to SKB, and have 
comparable products with slightly different configurations.  One of their 
DJ Consoles may offer you enough cable space, but take a look for yourself 
and see.

I just picked up one of the Gator 12-space racks, rather than an 
SKB.  Price was actually a bit lower than the SKB, but the deciding factor 
for me was the fact that the Gator has rear rails on it (not so on the 
SKB's).  Thus, I don't have to waste my front rack spaces on items I don't 
actually touch after setup, like my quad DI box and dedicated EQ unit.


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