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Re: Behringer weight and mixer options

At 11:56 AM -0500 12/15/02, Nick Schillace wrote:
>>I don't know the size of the stuff you're considering,
>>but you definately want to keep it as small as possible.
>>If you're using the 2642 for sane stuff, rather than exploiting
>>it's potential for re-routing a whole bunch of FX and Loopers
>>then I'd expect you can work out something practical.
>>The  2642 plus 2 or 3 rack units in a box would be manageable.
>Thanks. To elaborate a bit:
>I was going to rack an EDP/Echo Pro/Filter Factory/ and 1 or 2 other 
>FX eventually (anyone use the MPX 200?).
>The 2642 just seems to be a great unit for expansion. I only need 4 
>channels (2 for gtr, 1 for the EDP and one for a boomrang), but I 
>think it may be the only 6 aux Behringer and its only $250 now. 
>Plus, I thought it was only a 7 space rack (if musicians friend is 

Its 14 inches high, which I think works out to 9 spaces. Weight 
according to the spec is 6 kg.


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