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RE: [looper's] RE: OT: 1/2 rack boss delays

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I have one too what you refered to as freeze is labeled hold, what I can't remember is what to plug into it to use this feature. Anyone use this with any success then please let me or anyone else know. The jack type is 1/4 inch I guess I could experiment, but I would rather not screw the unit up by wiring it up wrong.
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>>I can't comment on the RPS-10.<<

I have an rps10 and an rpd10 (I think- the stereo panning delay anyway), and one of the two- I can't remember which but I think it's the rps10, has a socket on the back marked "freeze" or somesuch. there's not much memory in the thing- about a second or so- but it will store a sound indefinitely while powered and let you change the pitch.