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RE: [looper's] RE: OT: 1/2 rack boss delays

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 >> I have one too what you refered to as freeze is labeled hold, what I can't remember is what to plug into it to use this feature. Anyone use this with any success then please let me or anyone else know. The jack type is 1/4 inch I guess I could experiment, but I would rather not screw the unit up by wiring it up wrong. << 
oh, it's just join the two wires together. any old switch. I used to use a momentary footswitch so that you had to push the switch to unfreeze it. this way you could "grab" tiny bits of audio in on the fly...... I'm pretty sure that I used it at least once on stage, when I couldn't face lugging my old powertran mcs1 (now /there's/ a freezer box from the past) and before we got a second jam-man.
much as I like being able to adjust tempo and pitch separately (repeater), the rps1 and the mcs1 just had pitch controls that would slow the frozen audio down aswell as detune it. (or speed it up, of course...). sometimes I still prefer that- I must train the repeater to do it somehow...


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