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gig spam-pittsburgh-12/17/02

HAY!, here's the scoop on tamari nite, ill be sitting in with "clutter" aka "the bush puppets" and makin some loops.....michael (who is, alas not mr.funky)

Mr. Roboto Project
722 Wood Street
Wilkinsburg, PA 15221
Mr. Funky here, announcing the KEEP OUT show at mr. roboto tomorrow evening (tuesday, december 17, 7:30, $3).  KEEP OUT, that is, unless you want to hear baffling, grotty, hysterical, ecstatic music. 

i'll be playing my UNFINISHED SYMPHONIES, including my latest compositions FAILURE IS AN OPTION and CATNIP FOR THE LADIES.  i'll also be unleashing and celebrating the inherent sappiness of SILVER BELLS.

also on the bill:  everybody's favorite erotic therapist, the STOIC SEX PRO. 
also on the bill:  the best bent jazz band west of 52nd street, CLUTTER.

we'll all be exploring the "playing with feeling" paradigm.  it's elastic and it's a concept.