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Re: mixers in a loop rig

I love my Mackie 1202 VLZ, but it has this problem too.

I have another (unrelated) request...  In the interest of reducing my rig 
into a reasonable fly-not-drive touring size I'd like to see if I can not 
use a mixer at all.  For this goal, I'm willing to move away from the 
power that my current parallel routing structure that my 1202 gives me to 
a more serial routing.  The only that that is missing (and the new tiny 
Behringer mixers don't offer either) is MUTE and SOLO.  As an improvisor, 
I depend on this to get my synth, bass or cello tones to what I want 
before I blast them through the PA.

What I want is a tiny (trying to save space, remember) single headphone 
amp with stereo in and out and a mute button that sits after the amp, but 
before the outputs so that I can mute, but still hear in my headphones.  I 
know that this would be dead-simple for the soldering inclined, but I suck 
at that stuff and would be too worried about the reliability of my own 

Does anyone know of a commercial box that does just this?



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