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Re: looping publicity

Title: Re: looping publicity
Hi Steve--

Thanks for your message-- it's encouraging to hear from other loopers and especially other bass loopers.

I took a look at your website and listened to some of your music-- I'll just mention one thing that struck me-- the swells on drifting are really beautiful, and the sort of arpeggiated stuff that comes afterwards is great (don't know if it's a trade secret, but I'd love to know how you did the arpegiations-- is it whammy pedal?).

I wanted to write back to you because I am working to establish myself as a solo bass-looping performer, and am interested in networking with other folks like yourself who are also exploring that direction. You seem to be having a fair degree of success in terms of tours, clinics, etc., and I was wondering if you might have any advice to offer on how to create those opportunities. I'm doing okay locally here in Boston, but would definitely like to go further with it.

Thanks so much,


ps-- In the next month, we'll be re-organizing the envelope website (link below) to be more of a fair split between the solo work (ghost 7) and the duo (Oranje), and when we do that, there will be a lot more solo pieces on the site-- there's only a small taste right now.

ghost 7/ Oranje

on 12/4/02 4:44 AM, Steve Lawson at steve@steve-lawson.co.uk wrote:

that's a very good write up, Dan... and what's more, they mention flying
saucer attack!! Not a name I've heard for quite a while (an ex-girlfriend of
mine's sister is/was in the band)

good stuff!