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Re: Real instruments vs. electronic instruments

>Also, there is the direct
>tactile feedback: acoustic instruments rattle our bones in a way unlike a
>speaker cabinet.

I was going to say that, but does it really matter? Can we feel the sound?
By touching the vibrating element, you dampen it...
Still, its a point!

>  > Further than that: I believe that the Force that created the laws of
>>  nature usually does not violate those laws (exept for miracles...),
>>  so the only space the original Force can influence the happenings
>>  arround us is though what we percieve as random. As a consequence,
>>  wherever we leave something to the accident, we open a space for
>>  divinity.
>And the more we leave to accident, the purer our lives must be, otherwise 
>fall right into that Divine Space, eh? OH, my mind is so flying on this! 
>balance between Control and Accident!

yes, nice! As usual, things are not the better the more you go to one 
side, so what is the balance here?

You mostly get Control by choosing from what the Accident brings you:
In real life, the accident presents a person and you decide what you say.
In looping, some sound happens and you fade it, edit it, play over it...

You can also wait for the Accident to happen:
You loose something and instead of searching for it everywhere, you 
wait until you find it by accident. Its amazing how often this works. 
It may be help from spirits or just a hidden function of the brain...

You can select what you want to leave totally to Accident:
Games, hit random notes, calulated risks...
I would rather avoid that, it seems a rather respectless challenge to 
the spiritual world.

So maybe its not so much about keeping control (is there anything we 
can really control?) but preserving a chance to select the moments 
where the divine interference really happened and trash the rest...

Maybe this kind of vision provides us with more patience in cases 
where the Accident works totally against us - which usually means it 
works in favor of some other element we may not understand... or 
maybe the "pure accident" also exists?

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org