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Re: FCB 1010

Great idea.  I just bought a FCB 1010. The quality of the physical box is
very good - way better than lots of stuff I have purchased and found
adequate. My FCB 1010 could totally destroy my Oxygen 8 except in a
batteries only duel. Anyway I would like to participate in this project 
if I can be helpful. I do not program in Java. I program in SAS which is a
statistics package.

I use MidiQuest for some of my sysex patch libraries. It works very well
with SONAR Midiquest comes with a companion product called TechQuest which
is basically the construction tool that the folks at SoundQuest use for
putting together new modules for their products. Maybe a parallel project 
MidiQuest would be valuable. I am just thinking out loud here but at least
I'm on thread, I think. Or am I?

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From: "Jon Wagner" <jondrums@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 5:38 PM
Subject: FCB 1010

> I am putting together an online collaboration to create an open source
> editor for the Behringer FCB 1010 footpedal.  Arguably the best (for the
> price) midi controller for looping and otherwise.
> I need anyone who has Java programming experience, or has a fcb1010 and
> get a sysex dump from their fcb for testing.  If you have a connection
> Behringer for inside information, that could certainly help too...
> Please contact me privately if this interests you.  I would think it goes
> without saying that a very large community of musicians would benefit 
> this project!
> Jon