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I'm researching y'all

Hi loopers
I have just discovered your wonderful group of loopers
For the record I am a student and I am writing my dissertation 
on audio looping in the contempoary music world. So it could be said that 
will be writing about u!!

little bit about myself
I have own an EDP for a year and i use it with a piece of software I 
seen any of u guys/ladies mention yet Digital Performer, this has a piece 
looping software included in it called Polar which allows up to 99 loops 
be played simultaniously (however its not that flexable). The software is 
totally RAM based and can be controlled via midi and supports unlimited 
overdubbing etc, best of all though u never ever need to stop POLAR to do 
anything from recording new loops to changing the volume of existing loops 
etc. ohh yeah and the loop size limit is dictated only by how much RAM u 
have installed in u'r MAC.

If any one knows of any looping demonstrations/concerts happening in 
over the next few months please let me know. As I really want to see some 
EDP masters at work..
Has anyone released a video or is there video footage on the internet of 
anyone using an EDP to its fullest potential.

My research aims to look at how contempoary musicians are using loopers to 
define and augment their compositional langauge, so any thoughts anyone 
on this please let me know
If anyone doesn't mind me asking them a few painless questions let me 

It feels like looping is gonna exploxed as a movement......

Cheers Geoff

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