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Re: Loop Watching Opportunities

A Tom Heasley appearance tonight in SF.

Scott M2


... tonight:

Lovely is the New Loud

964 Natoma, San Francisco, CA (USA)
Friday, January 31st ~ doors 8pm
$6-10 sliding donation, no one turned away

----> Event Description <-------------------------------------

For "Lovely is the New Loud," musicians and sound artists
have been asked to present work that pursues unabashedly
the lovely. In these loud and painful times, take a moment
for something softer.

 christopher willits / scott pagano
 guitar, laptops, projection

 tom heasley
 tuba and electronics

 kristin miltner / james livingston
 saxaphone and laptop

  ~ and ~

 'sweet nothings'
 a fibre installation by elliot lessing

Full information:


Seating mostly on futons to encourage comfortable deep listening.