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Re: non musical looping

At 10:07 PM -0200 2/2/03, Matthias Grob wrote:
>sometime some one comes up with examples of loops in the non music 
>world - usually to justify why what he is saying is not OT :-)

Many traditional societies have a view of the temporal universe that 
is cyclic. The idea of progression through time is simply not part of 
those cultures. The Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico expounded 
on this in his "Sienza Nuova" ("New Science") in 1725. These notions 
were later influential on James Joyce, manifested particularly in 
"Finnegan's Wake." This book is an enormous loop; its opening passage 
is a continuation of its final passage.

Looping patterns and processes are often found in the non-musical 
arts. Repeating  patterns are most obvious in the visual arts, 
ranging from the trivial (wallpaper and fabric patterns) to the 
sublime (the transformations in M.C. Escher's art). Dance is close to 
music in its use of pattern and repetition. Literature, theater, and 
film also contain many examples, though those that spring to mind at 
the moment are films in which repetition is used as a framework for 
the exploration of alternative views of events.

A few films I can think of in that connection are "Rashomon," "Run 
Lola Run," "Memento," and "Groundhog Day."


Richard Zvonar, PhD
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