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Re: second amp suggestions

as well check out the johnson line. ive been playing their j150 stereo amp
for 7 years now and love them allot! they have unfortunately gone out of
business but you can find them real cheap with midi controller for around
600 new even. digitech will still honor repair and warranty.

3 cents worth

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> on 3/11/03 1:47 PM, Guywithatele@aol.com at Guywithatele@aol.com wrote:
> > Fender is trying to model all their old amps with the Cyber Twin which
> > memorizing to watch as all the little dials slowly rotate per preset.
> The Yamaha DG80 does this as well. The DG amps are some of the nicer
> sounding modeling amps. I think AMS has them relatively cheap right now.
> Mark