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FS DG100 212 was: second amp suggestions

If someone's looking for one, I have one even cheaper! A near mint DG100 212 for $500. I hated all the Line6 amps, and was never impressed with the Johnsons but liked the Yamaha enough to buy it at the time. Since then I've turned into something of a vintage/tube snob so it has to go. It sounds good, but when you want the sound of a 10 watt tube amp on 8, a 100 watt digital modeling amp won't do.

 Jimmy George Band <jg@jimmygeorgeband.com> wrote:

> The Yamaha DG80 does this as well. The DG amps are some of the nicer
> sounding modeling amps. I think AMS has them relatively cheap right now.
> Mark