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Re: Dragging Instruments Around

basically depends on whether its fun for you. I people can feel that, 
some people probably will start dig it.

I just cannot imagine having fun without holding a string or touching 
some sensible surface... but thats me...

>However, I feel that often I'm not that far away from the laptop 
>guy.  At the ascension show we were in the dark in a corner.  I'm 
>positive that most people weren't aware the music was live.  Didn't 
>really matter on some level.  A lot of people were there and seemed 
>to be having fun.  We were the "ambient" reception music, so that's 
>OK.  BUT: What if I had recorded a really killer set in Digital 
>Performer the night before, burned it to discs and showed up with a 
>DJ setup. One of those Pioneer CD players an iBook and a mixer. 
>Would there have been any difference?  I'm not sure I think so. 
>Should I become a DJ of my own music?  I think people are doing 
>this.  Anyone here doing this?  Could be a good way to go for this 
>type of event.  (where dancing and socializing are the focus)  When 
>it's more of a show (like Loopstock) then you go for performance 
>mode.  What do people think?
>I saw Bjork live where she had someone who looked like he was 
>"performing" ProTools while she sung.  OK, there was a string 
>orchestra too.  Anyway, it worked for me.
>Mark Sottilaro
>On Sunday, March 16, 2003, at 01:41 AM, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:
>>I'm still not completely sold on buying a laptop.


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