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Re: EDP+ worth and extra $100?

At 09:25 AM 3/31/2003 -0800, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

>My question is this:  I can get the EDP for $600.  Add another $100 for 
>Loop4 and that brings it to $700... or, I can get the EDP+ for $100 
>more.  I know the EDP+ was designed for lower noise emissions, but when I 
>had an EDP I didn't think it was noisy at all. (except when it made a 
>horrific burst of static before it rebooted itself.)  If Loop4 and a 
>noise floor are the only benefits of the EDP+, I'd just as soon get an 
>and upgrade the software.  If it's an all around sturdier unit, I'll get 
>the EDP+  Does anyone on the list have experience with both?

Was there ever a final resolution on whether or not Gibson was shipping 
foot controller bundled with the $800 EDP+?  If that's included, it may 
well justify the extra $100 right there...


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