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Re: SwitchQuant parameter

  Jeff, In Loop IV, there are six settings for SwitchQuant.  

Off, Confirm, cyc, ccy, loop, and clp.  <smile>   -Sorry about my incorrect
abbreviations in some cases.   -Hopefully someone here will correct these
if need be.  
  Cyc, or cycle, switches between loops at cycle boundries.  If the cycle
happens to be the entire loop, then it will switch at the loop point.  If
the cycle is half of a loop, then that will be the point where the switch
takes place.   Does this make sense?    
  Which software are you using?  I'm assuming these options are different
between Loop III and Loop Iv, so perhaps someone else may be able to better
assist you.  <smile>   -Hope this helps...  



At 03:15 PM 4/15/03 -0400, you wrote:
>I've been finding Jesus in the EDP manual over the past couple of days.
>One setting that I am pleased with but unable to diagnose is the 
>In the PDF version of the manual I'm reading
>(http://www.randomsalt.com/find/howto/Echoplex_Manual.pdf ) there is no
>reference that I am able to find to this setting.  Only "On", "Off", or
>Is it reasonable for me to think that cyc=on?


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