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RE: Pedal Response with Echoplex

At 01:21 PM 4/30/2003, SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
>(none other than Kim himself says):-
> >  I use the Boss FV-50L pedal, it works fine and controls the volume
> >  as it should.
>I kind of remember a debate about this from way back.
>Don't have time to battle the archives, so I'm relying on
>memory here ;-(
>The result seemed to be that the EDP had been designed to
>work with a 9K ohm sweep in resistance,

it can be as high as 14k. One I just tried here required 13K to just 
hit full feedback. You would want more than that to have some headroom so 
you know when you are safely at 100%.

>so that you could use a 10k pot (with 10% tolerance) and still
>get 100% feedback.

or not.

>The FV-50L is 25K ohm and hence there's quite a good
>proportion of it's sweep that doesn't do anything.

It's 20k.

>It's quite hard to set the feedback to an accurate number
>on the display using the FV-50L.

For me it uses 72% of the throw for the full feedback range. (just 
it.) Since I like to have a good size zone at the top of the range that I 
know is absolutely 100%, that is about perfect.

If you recommend a pedal that has a 10k pot, it will not work for a lot of 
people. If you recommend a pedal with a 50k or 100k pot, there will hardly 
be any useable range. That is why we have long recommended the 20k Boss. 
know it works on every unit across various component tolerances, and it 
a reasonable range of use. The EB with 25k would be pretty close and 
probably work fine.

you could always try soldering different resistor values across the pedal 
output (parallel with the internal resistance) to see if you can find a 
range that makes you happier.


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