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Re: multi-effects

note: thanks to dcoffin for his post on "amp modelers vs. amp modelers".
a very helpful post (for me) from the vg-8 list serve. thanks!

kevin-i don't know how it compares to the quadraverb, but i really
like my lexicon mpx100, now discontinued, but the new version is the
mpx110. i think the mpx100 is a real workhorse for (my) studio work for 
guitar and voice stuff. i've seen the mpx100's in the used range around
100$ (give or take), and the 110 is 199$ new (i believe). good range
of reverbs, delays, and combining of effects (flange,chorus,pitch) w/
delay or reverb. granted, you can't chain together 8 or 9 effects like
some of the other multi-effect units, but the ones they offer are very 
at a decent price.

>My treasured Quadraverb V2 is dead.  I was thinking about trying to 
>get another one on Ebay, but then I started wondering if the state 
>of the art hasn't improved in the last six years.  So I'm asking for 
>people's favorite multi-effects.
>My needs:
>Digital In/Out
>Flexible Programability, but not too complicated (I want to be able 
>to edit without a computer attached)
>Good Midi implementation
>Good reverb
>Rack Mounted (this will live in my studio most if not all the time)
>Reasonably priced (sorry, can't affored Eventide or Kyma)
>I already have:
>Ensoniq DP/4+
>Korg DL8000R
>Korg AM8000R
>Alesis Wedge
>Yamaha SPX/90
>Any suggestions?
>     Kevin