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Re: shipping from u.s.a. to italy...suggestions?

Dear Jim,

Please also be sure to include a commercial invoice (and about 3 copies) 
showing a value for the item so that it clears customs.  Whichever shipper 
you use should be able to give you instructions but basically it should be 
on some kind of stationery with your address etc. and showing the 
receiver's address with a detail of the item and a value.  I suggest 
undervaluing so that it will reduce the amount of duties the receiver will 
have to pay (you could probably get away with giving it a value of about 

Also, if you have any friends that work for companies that do a large 
amount of shipping, they may be able to send it through their company's 
account number and you pay him.  For example, the place I work for gets a 
65% discount from Fed-Ex so if I shipped it, it probably would cost more 
than about $75.

Good luck,
Adam Kane 

In a message dated 5/1/2003 11:22:08 AM Eastern Standard Time, todd 
reynolds <toddreynolds@rcn.com> writes:

>airborne express... much better, much cheaper...
>On 1/21/03 5:41 PM, "jimfowler" <jimfowler@prodigy.net> wrote:
>> i sold my lexicon to a person in italy.  fedex and ups are ridiculously
>> expensive (both around 200 bucks) and usps is anywhere from 42 bucks to 
>> is this a no-brainer or is there something i should know about usps.
>> anybody sent stuff to italy (or internationally in general)before and 
>> some suggestions?
>> -jim