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Re: brotherhood of the bass

There is a reason for bass players sometimes souding like guitar players; 
instrument you are talking about is the bass guitar; it is capable to 
numerous roles as counterpoint, harmony and soloist. Anyone who plays bass 
playing bass because they are "thinking bass".  It is an elusive thing 
shared by
composers, pianists and other countermelodists.

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> i recall reading a post within the past few daze about "GUITAR" players
> picking up the "BASS" and doing something weird that a real genetic bass
> player would not do.....could i be further enlightened on this because i 
> thinking of picking up a bass myself (being a GUITAR player i really dont
> want to piss anyone else off.....everyone hates GUITAR players to begin
> with).....:).....ive only played bass several times and i loved it 
> for the "feeling" (a powerful monster sound "feeling" that you will not 
> from a "GUITAR") it was sooooo bassy).....i mean no disrespect to 
> but i often thought that some of you sounded like GUITAR players.....of
> course this is always while they were (OT) LOOPIN.....:)michael