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Re: Power

--- Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:

> > I'm just wondering how some of those walls of amps I
> > see behind, say, Brian May or Edward VanHalen work,
> > in terms of power.
> That's mostly for reasons other than power, including:
> 1) Looks. In the early days, Kiss used to tour with a
> wall of empty Marshall cabs, using one or two real
> ones.

Yep, apparently a lot of bands did this. I've even seen cabinet blanks 
sold. It's a speaker cabinet box, with no speakers. The front board isn't 
cut for them. Apparently it saved on cost and weight to make 'em that way.

> 2) Sound spread, to be able to hear oneself from many
> points across a large stage. Eddie Van Halen has been
> quoted as saying he liked to feel his pants legs
> ripple in front of his cabinets.

Man. It's a wonder the guy can still hear ANYTHING. I was doing sound for 
a band
not long ago and their stage volume was so loud that it literally 
distorted my
vision when I went to stage to check out their monitors. Yow!

> 3) Separation of a complex signal. Brian May's wall of
> AC30s allowed him to send the different delayed
> signals from his tape echoes to different amps to
> avoid having them mush all together into mud. (This
> reason is the most applicable to us as loopers...)

It's probably also to get additional sounds, since the AC30 has both a cool
overdrive and a great clean sound, but it doesn't have multiple channels, 
so if
you want instant access to both, you need two amps. I know people like Eric
Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughn had lots of amps on stage, but it was for the


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