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Looping progress???

Hi all
I have been thinking about, how we all want our loopers to do this or that
...... or wouldn't it be cool if ... i.e. more options to sound like more

Which leads me in some sense to think...
With the advance of digital technology making looping achievable in most
musical contexts, so the character and individuality of looping has been
obsorbed into a bigger picture. DigitalLoopers can now do structures like
verse chorus verse chorus repeat, in a way that it would be problematic 
analogue equipment. This removal of these limitations has seen a sense of a
loss of individuality of the sound of Live-Looping with a gain in its
flexability and integration.
I.e. looping can now be made to sound like other forms of music generation.

However there are exceptions like Andre Lafosse etc. who are creating a new
aesthetic out of looping as opposed to simply emulating another musical

Both positions are valid and a sign of how versatile a tool looping has
become. Its maybe a question of as a looper do you seek to create a new
aesthetic or simply to have the option to emulate many previously used
aesthetics, like sequencing, multi tracking etc.

How that makes sense!

Anyone have any opinions?