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Re: Bass and Guitar Distortion Device...

if you got the money check out the pete cornish stuff. made to have no
noise. see his link http://www.petecornish.com scroll down to the bottom to
see some killer examples of what he does. other wise i think digitech makes
the best bang for the buck. ive owned the 2010, 2120, 2112, and currently
used the johnson stereo amp that essentially has the 2120 inside it. all
these before mentioned use the 12ax7 tube. the amp has two. its nice to 
dual path distortions jesse.

ive been applying distortions to acoustics for years. my magnetic sunrise
pickup makes this possible. your carbon bass like my carbon rainsong guitar
top really hangs on to the effects good sir!

also check out the koch duotone pedal.

boss, dod and zoom make some good cheap distortion pedals. ive always gone
towards the digitech. like i said i think much more BANG for the $.

you might take your bass to the music store with your head and try all 

digitech went towards the new all in one floor gnx modeler and rp series. i
still like the rack mounts better. they also have bass pedal goodies for 
bass. check out their site http://www.digitech.com




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Subject: Bass and Guitar Distortion Device...

> I'm looking for a distortion pedal that will be usable with electric bass
> and electric guitar.  I need something capable of getting very gain-ey,
> Meshuggah-style crunch, and being silent when there is no signal going to
> (i.e. no hum, no hiss).  Ideally, for it to work with bass it will either
> need to have bass specific presets, or have a hi-pass filter to send only
> the higher frequencies to the distortion and let the low stuff pass
> clean.
> Any suggestions?
> -J