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Re:No Whining T-shirt and other L.D. considerations

A few people here "pay for subscriptions" voluntarily by regularly using 
the paypal donation links on the LD website. If you want to help support 
the site, you are welcome to join them by clicking on the donate button 
making whatever contribution you think is appropriate.

Or, there are also links on most pages of the site for Zzounds, Amazon, 
Sonic Foundry. If you click on those links to buy something from those 
companies, Looper's Delight gets 5-10% commission from whatever you buy. 
next time you are buying some gear, or some books or cds, or some loops 
Acid, why not click through those links? The price for you is the same, 
LD gets a little bit of it back.


At 12:56 PM 5/4/2003, Jair-Rohm wrote:
>As long as PayPal is an accepted method of payment i could be willing to 
>seriously consider the idea.
>>I will even, controversially, suggest that we might consider making this 
>>pay site.  Considering the pleasure, knowledge, opportunities (hell, I
>>booked my entire summer tour through this list) that L.D. provides, it 
>>totally be worth it
>>for me to pay for a subscription to it (and I probably make a quarter of
>>what most people make on this website being a self employed wierd, 'fall
>>between the classification cracks' artist.  Kim, of course might not 
>even be
>>into this idea, but I think we should consider it to keep this wonderful
>>place alive.   God forbid that Kim should make up some of his financial
>>losses or even, dare I say it,  make a little money from all of his hard

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