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Re: bouncing (Admin query)

At 09:44 AM 4/30/2003, astroblue wrote:
>I've had that problem for a few years on LD, it appears that LD msgs would
>be bounced back from my account now and then, and I would get unsubbed.

There are only a few people who have that problem, because they use 
unreliable mail servers that frequently go down or otherwise begin 
posts back. Or they use free mail accounts and let them exceed their disk 
quota all the time.

>This is the only list that's ever happened on (of dozens) for me, so dunno
>why. Anyway, I had to stop using my main email account for this list. No 
>deal, but thought I'd mention it as others may have had the same 
>For whatever reason, the LD mail program seems to be very sensitive to
>bounces.  If that's happening to you, you might try using a different
>account if that is an option.

On a medium size list like this with a fair amount of traffic, I have 
addresses going bad every day. These result in hundreds of bounce messages 
coming back to my server every day. A standard feature of any mailing list 
program is to have bad addresses removed automatically after they bounce a 
set number of times. If that isn't done the number of bounces will keep 
multiplying and the server will eventually be overwhelmed and a large 
amount of bandwidth is wasted. This is why the list server removes them 
automatically after a few bounces. I use the default setting in my list 
software of 4 bounces. If anything, I'm inclined to make this number 
smaller so the list is less tolerant of bad email accounts.

To me it is bizarre that the other mailing lists you are on do not do 
They must be either very small lists, or run by someone who does not care 
or understand about the performance degradation their servers are 
from. Any experienced list admin will be culling bad addresses like this 
all the time.


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