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Re: Favorite Reverb for your looping rig ?

I might note that I recently sold my PCM-70 and kept my Ibanez. Does the
Ibanez surpass the Lexicon on technical accounts, on detail of the model,
etc.? Probably not. But I've got some reverb programs that I've used over
the years on the Ibanez that sound really nice and it's much less involved
to use than the Lexicon was. As a result, it's probably gotten a lot more
use over the years.

My history with reverbs has been:

Yamaha SPX-90 where the chief fun was cranking the reverb to between 20 and
99 seconds.

Ibanez SDR-1000+.

Lexicon PCM-70.

Alesis Quadraverb.

The only one I have left is the Ibanez now supplemented by the Korg 


on 5/4/03 9:44 PM, Sean Echevarria at sean@loomwebdesign.com wrote:

> The SDR-1000 was the first digital reverb I remember actually using.  A
> friend owned one and everyone called it "Brad's phone number" as in we 
> Brad's phone number on the guitars and drums (due to the number of digits
> in the model number).
> At 05:25 PM 2003/05/04, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> * For reverb: Ibanez SDR1000+