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Re: Favorite Reverb for your looping rig ?

  Hi Zoe, I also have a Quad GT, which I really only use for the plate
sound in it, and I usually use several different processors and such for
sounds.   One that I really like though, if you can find it, is the Boss
SE-70.  It's a  lil' half-rack multi-effects processor, which has some
really beautiful lush smooth reverbs and effects in it.  I used to use it a
lot for processing guitar, and now use it mostly for vocals.  
  anyway, -just my thoughts...   <smile>   -Best of luck finding what yer'
looking for...   



At 05:51 PM 5/4/03 -0700, you wrote:
>thanks for all the great feedback everyone! many toys out there i will go
>and try out...
>and my housemate in crater is a most marvelous and talented chap who goes 
>the name jhno.
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>> Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 16:03:05 -0700
>> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>> Subject: Re: Favorite Reverb for your looping rig ?
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>> hi zoe-
>> bein a surfzoid looper dude i B kmowin some REVERBZ...
>> for my looper rack nothing beats the <lexicon reflex> which has some of 
>> original lush sounding <PCM 70 and 60> software written in there.
>> but for REAL reverb in a box nothin is better than tubes and springs...
>> of course i'm talkin about the <fender reverb unit>.
>> other units i own w/ that configuration <soldano surf box> and <soldano
>> space box> both very tubee, reverbee and springee
>> also the <real tube reverb> has a real good spring reverb tail...
>> i have never heard anything in a pedal that sounds like real reverb-even
>> that <little lanaili(sp)> spring reverb pedal>-sounds terrible to me(i 
>> mine away!).
>> is that any help,zoe?
>> btw who is yer roommee in >crater<...wot a great band. of course *any* 
>> w/ nels cline in it is gonna be hellacious...
>> stanatubeian
>>> Hello Lovely Loopers,
>>> I'm in the market for a new reverb unit for my rig. I used a 
>Quadraverb GT
>>> for years but never really liked the reverb. I kept it for all it's 
>>> features. A while back I got a Lexicon MPX 200. I hate the sound I'm
>>> getting: thin and metallic. No preset editing seems to improve the
>>> "aftertaste" of the tone.
>>> I'm curious what others are using or would like to be using.
>>> thanks much,
>>> Zoe


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