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Re: Zoe's talented roomate in CRATER

thanks for taking the time rick...

this is exactly who I know jhno to be.  he is someone to be a big fan of.
though have not met him personally to date...   of course, so is nels 
but jhno has changed our electronica world a little, methinks... and radial
is indeed a great program...  I beta-tested it and am a very happy user...


On 8/5/03 7:25 AM, "Rick Walker/Loop.pooL" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com> wrote:

> Zoe mentioned jhno,  her talented roomate in crater.
> more needs to be said, methinks:
> jhno is also an amazing solo artist in the abstract electronica
> field.   i love his work.  it is both timeless and melodic and, at
> the same time really unique, fresh, creative and thought provoking.
> he has at least three solo CDs that I"m aware of and, hopefully, more
> (understand, KWNO, membrane).  He is also part of a duet called SPOOL
> that I really like.
> i had the privilege of performing on the same bill as jhno at one of the
> infamous Electron Salon concerts (produced by another amazing woman,
> Veronique
> Larcher, spacialization expert from Creative Labs).  Using a laptop
> and a table full of those sexy XYMOX drum machines and analogue synths, 
> did as beautiful a live laptop concert as I've heard.
> http://subminimal.uioiu.com/jhno.html  is a photo from that cool concert.
> he's also a brilliant software designer for Cycling '74 and the inventor
> of the wonderful new LOOPING software tool,  RADIAL and an excellent
> pianist.
> check his music out.................it's great.
> http://www.scottamendola.com/bio_jhno_frame.html
> a true rennaisance person,
> yours, rick walker