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Zoe's talented roomate in CRATER

Zoe mentioned jhno,  her talented roomate in crater.

more needs to be said, methinks:

jhno is also an amazing solo artist in the abstract electronica
field.   i love his work.  it is both timeless and melodic and, at
the same time really unique, fresh, creative and thought provoking.
he has at least three solo CDs that I"m aware of and, hopefully, more
(understand, KWNO, membrane).  He is also part of a duet called SPOOL
that I really like.

i had the privilege of performing on the same bill as jhno at one of the
infamous Electron Salon concerts (produced by another amazing woman,
Larcher, spacialization expert from Creative Labs).  Using a laptop
and a table full of those sexy XYMOX drum machines and analogue synths, he
did as beautiful a live laptop concert as I've heard.
http://subminimal.uioiu.com/jhno.html  is a photo from that cool concert.

he's also a brilliant software designer for Cycling '74 and the inventor
of the wonderful new LOOPING software tool,  RADIAL and an excellent

check his music out.................it's great.

a true rennaisance person,

yours, rick walker