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Streaming Audio over web

Can anyone explain to me why the background audio on D Torn's site
splattercell.com plays at different speeds on different PCs?

My home connection is a dial up modem, and the first time I heard DT's site
looping AU file I thought, that's a nice loop, been pitch shifted down 
an octave or two.

Listening to it at work, over an ISDN conection, it plays at a more 

Two questions then,  why are they different, and does anyone know which one
is the intended speed ( I like the really slow one ! )

While we're on the subject, how do folks here prefer to use sounds on their
own web pages ? I noticed Andre La Fosse has downloadable MP3's and Real
Audio streaming ( which my brand new XP pc won't play in Media Player, it
shuts itself down 'due to a problem' ) but are people using other
methods/formats ?