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Re: Favorite Reverb for your looping rig ?

Hi Zoe,
I use two reverbs in my studio,:
I have the T.C. Electronics M-One-XL which is the upgraded version of the
M-One. Its worth having a listen to. I also have an old Zoom 9120 which 
out in the early 90s but was highly rated then by reviewers and I still 
it sounds great (well I've kept it for years).

Certainly, the t.c. M-One-XL is worth considering. I got mine for 345 (UK
pounds) - there are of course more expensive t.c. and Lexicon reverbs but 
is very good at the price.
I look forward to hearing what others recommend and what you go for.

  At 22:17 04/05/03 , you wrote:
>Hello Lovely Loopers,
>I'm in the market for a new reverb unit for my rig. I used a Quadraverb GT
>for years but never really liked the reverb. I kept it for all it's other
>features. A while back I got a Lexicon MPX 200. I hate the sound I'm
>getting: thin and metallic. No preset editing seems to improve the
>"aftertaste" of the tone.
>I'm curious what others are using or would like to be using.
>thanks much,