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Rogue...Cheap Stereo volume pedal for a keyboard?

Hey, remember this thread?  Heh, I knew you would.

Anyway, here's my question.  I've got a keyboard module (Roland 
XV-5050) that had no expression pedal input at all.  (STOOPID) I need 
to control it's volume relative to a guitar and another synth module.  
In my perfect world, I could do this via MIDI, but unless someone knows 
of a pedal that just puts out MIDI volume CC at a reasonable price, I'm 
out of luck.  Right now, there's no way I can afford an Ernie Ball, and 
to be honest, I don't think that level of "feel" is necessary.  I'm not 
going to use it a lot, just to fade in a sound to an appropriate level, 
then later fade it out.  Simple.  Not ride a note like I do with guitar 
to change the attack characteristics.

Anyway, I see a Rogue VP-201 Stereo Volume Pedal selling for $25 and I 
have to say I'm tempted.  Anyone have experience with one of these?  
I'm not expecting it to be great, and I know you get what you pay for, 
but if it lasts for a year in my house and controls the volume for me 
(again, feel isn't that important for me) I'll be happy.  I'm more 
worried that it will fall apart or sound all scratchy in a week or two 
and/or kill the tone of my nice keyboard module.  If that's so, I can 
take the bad news and I'll wait until I can get a EB or maybe the Boss