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Re: Gary hall

on 5/5/03 7:10 pm, bruce tovsky at bruce@skeletonhome.com wrote:

> geoff
> did you ever hear from gary?
> just curious.
> bruce
he reply almost immediately and he was very helpful,
now I feel like I need to trace the evolution of digital-delay, to sample
delay to the digital sampler.

Its got me thinking I guess about the evolution of sampling and what it
evolved from,
so I am off to the library again!!!
I want to know how the progression from digtal delay to digital sampling
Its interesting to me how live-looping has in a sense evolved in such a
different way to sampling in terms of a feature set,

Its now also surprising to me that most hardware samplers can't do any form
of live sampling and manipulation. Its also making me realise just how
amazing the pcm42 was (from using psp42 too!!!) and perhaps how amazing it
is still. Which puts forward the question in my head ...why were there 
samplers with live-looping, it would be great to be able to design your
sound as it loops and play it across a keyboard gradually adding layers
until it sounds great. Its a shame that the EDP doesn't allow you to change
the pitch of you loop in the same way you can on the PCM42 (and indeed
analogue tape).MMMMMM PCM42 the start of many things perhaps.
As always much to learn