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Re: Gary hall

On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 01:43 AM, Geoff Smith wrote:
> ...why were there never
> samplers with live-looping, it would be great to be able to design your
> sound as it loops and play it across a keyboard gradually adding layers
> until it sounds great.

It's not a hardware sampler, but this is a great little program:


> Its a shame that the EDP doesn't allow you to change
> the pitch of you loop in the same way you can on the PCM42 (and indeed 
> analogue tape)

Have you tried a Repeater?  It does operate in this way.  Kind of like 
a Mellotron.

> MMMMMM PCM42 the start of many things perhaps.
> As always much to learn
> Geoff


Mark Sottilaro