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Gig Spam, Pigs Gam, Gag Simp, Gas Gimp, & etc.

Hi all,

It's not likely that any of you would be able to attend
but I figured I'd make the following announcement anyway.
What the heck. I've been looping for 20 years now so
it's not really off topic.



Killian's Wake

An Evening of Music, Poetry, Improvisation and Surprises
Organized by Guitarist Ted Killian (moi) and Friends

With an Ensemble of Guest Artists & Performers:

Jeff Kaiser (trumpet & electronics) Ventura, CA
Garen Horgen (trumpets) Portland, OR
JT Gillett (poetry & spoken word) Ashland, OR 
Liz Stuart ("world" vocals & percussion) San Francisco, CA
Mike Fitch (drums & percussion) Ashland, OR
Doug Heydon (acoustic bass) Eugene, OR
Craig Johnson (electric bass) Ashland, OR
And More . . .

Admission $7
($5 if You Bring a Birthday Card for Ted's 50th Birthday)
Arrive Early – Seating is Limited

Saturday May 24, 2003
(Yes, that's on Memorial Day Weekend)
8:00pm to 11:00pm

At The Ashland Community Center
59 Winburn Way, Ashland, Oregon


Nope, this ain't a real "wake" . . . seeing as I am not dead
(yet anyway). It's essentially a 50th birthday celebration 
I'm throwing for myself (and with a last name like Killian 
you might be able to forgive me the weird, offhand title). 

Yes, some of the musicians involved are "loopers" . . . but 
most are not. It's just a gaggle of folks who have meant
a lot to my musical development over the years and my
wife has granted me the wish for my 50th b-day that I
get to play with them. It just so happens that putting on
a "concert" is the most convenient way of making it all 
happen. Hi dee ho! 

>From the local press release I sent out:

Among the "luminaries" coming to play with me are: 
Avant-jazz trumpeter/composer/maestro Jeff Kaiser 
(from Ventura, CA); Classical and jazz trumpeter with 
The Portland Symphony and The Rose City Chamber 
Orchestra, Garen Horgen (Portland, OR); "World Music" 
singer/percussionist, Liz Stuart with the group "Vocolot" 
(San Francisco, CA): Acoustic and fretless electric bass 
multi-stylist, Doug Heydon (Eugene, OR); Author and beat 
poet, JT Gillett (Ashland, OR); "Ginsberger" electric bass 
guitarist, Craig Johnson (Ashland, OR); And one of the 
busiest musicians in the Southern Oregon, drummer, 
Mike Fitch (of Ashland, OR).

Plus, quite probably, even a few (surprises) more!

BTW -- Dr. Bob was going to join me too but seeing as how 
he's a real MD (an ER surgeon/trauma specialist) he has a 
hard time getting away on holidays when the rest of America
is out smashing themselves up in automobiles. So, I went down
to Ventura, California and played a gig with him last month.

Anywho, over the course of 3 hours, various groupings and 
sub-groupings will form for a series of loosely "directed" 
improvs . . . culminating in a big "jam" (with probably everybody) 
at the end. If any of you LDers happen to attend, bring your
favorite noisemaker and we'll try to fit you in on the finale.
It ought to be weird, hilarious fun. 


tEd ® kiLLiAn