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Re: Master and slave

I did.  I find that if I use the FS300 switch instead of the FCB1010 I 
can get a good accurate end of the loop.  The LPA function only 
operates when in MIDI sync mode, and is basically a quantize function.  
Unlike the EDP which puts the loop point in the proper place, the 
Repeater's LPA stretches the loop to make it accurately fit to the 
closest exact beat.  If you're off a lot, it can be weird, but stick to 
the FS300 and you should be OK.


On Monday, May 19, 2003, at 08:40  AM, Jon Wagner wrote:

> I've only had luck syncing the Repeater to the EDP.  With loopIV, the 
> has some really great features to be a "master" clock source.
> I've also had more trouble with accuracy when defining loops on the
> repeater, as compared to the EDP.  I'm using the same FCB1010 pedal 
> with
> both, but I feel like the EDP responds to my timing presses much more
> accurately.  It could be just me, but I doubt it - anyone else 
> experience
> this?
> Jon
>> Doing SYNC testing with both the EDP and Repeater
>> units, the EDP has definetly won the master and the
>> repeater its slave but i am curious to hear how most
>> of us users of both are syncing them,pros and cons?