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Re: How's the pitch-to-midi of Roland VP-70?

As an ex-employee of Opcode, I'd be surprised if that happened... Iit did,
the software would not be the same...  I highly doubt Dave Oppenhiem (the
Op of Opcode) would be involved with this... What made Opcode's software
great was the (pardon the pun) vision that key people had in the projects,
Dave, Ray Spears, Dan Timis, Doug Wyatt, etc... Of course, Gibson could
just throw a bunch of new people at the software base, but I doubt that
would result in some new totally cool piece of software... Would Gibson
try and get some of the key players back? I doubt it, and if they did, 
they want to work with Gibson? Again, I doubt it from all the horror 
I have heard about dealings with Henry Juszkiewicz.. anyways, that's my
two cents on the topic.. hehe... (btw, I believe Dan Timis did most of the
work on the Pitch to MIDI code)


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>Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 11:40:01 -0700
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>Robert Rich was using it at the Morrison Planetarium on Sunday night, so
>least one copy still exists :>
>I heard rumours that opcode was under the process of ressurection.
>"No offense, but a dated d&b loop with some Holiday Inn lounge singer 
>wows me technically or talent wise, and I could do better with a cassette
>deck and a microphone."
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>> The only thing I've ever seen that did this well was Opcode's Studio
>> Vision Pro... and it didn't work in real time.  Sadly, I don't even
>> think this software exists anymore (does it?), but it was once my tool
>> of choice for recording midi and audio in a multitrack format.
>> Mark Sottilaro
>> On Thursday, May 8, 2003, at 11:14  AM, Richard Zvonar wrote:
>> > At 11:19 AM -0700 5/7/03, Herb wrote:
>> >> Wonderfully terrible is how I'd describe the VP70.
>> >> The VP70 is a very ambitious mid-80's vocal processor that often
>> >> fails in
>> >> very interesting ways. The pitch-to-MIDI is amusingly poor. It's fun
>> >> to
>> >> hear it trying to make sense out of speech, drums or chords.
>> >
>> > This sort of behavior seems to be endemic to most, if not all, pitch
>> > trackers. I've done a bit of work with the Fairlight Voicetracker,
>> > which originally sold in the $2000+ range. It also freaks out in
>> > amusing and musically useful ways when fed complex inputs. I chose
>> > pursue this as a compositional strategy.