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Re: multiple jam-things

Mark you are absolutely right man!
I have both the EDP and repeater and sometimes i just
get too exhausted specially syncing them together.I
spend too much time on the technical side of things
and lately i am very unfocused on the music.I ve been
thinking of taking one of them out of my rack for a
couple of months just to build a better relationship
with one of them.In terms of creativity they are both
Another thing ive noticed is that i do most of my
looping uncounsciously within the first 10 seconds at
the most.I suppose certain limitations are healthy at
times as well...
My one wish from both loopers for example would be
that i could cut a middle part (from A,B,C cut B and
paste A and C together) sort of like Acid.Or is there
a way of accompishing this...
You loop gurus outhere?

--- mark <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> I can't imagine using the word "sync" and "Line6
> Echo Pro" in the same 
> sentence... unless you're talking about it's delays,
> and even then I'd 
> say it's not really syncing.  However, this can be
> very cool too.  A 
> few weeks ago Will Wright and I jammed, he on the
> Echo Pro and I using 
> a Repeater and we more or less just set the Echo
> Pro's loop size my 
> ear.  Since what will was doing was leaning toward
> the abstract it was 
> interesting to have the sync of his loop constantly
> drifting from my 
> loops which firmly follow the drummachine.  That
> constantly changing 
> relationship is nice.
> There are days I still miss my JamMan's "simple"
> operation (I had an 
> early Bob Sallon chip mod that gave me some new
> functions, but I don't 
> think I got things like the panning and multiple
> concurrent loops)  It 
> makes me want one again!  What I love best about the
> JamMan that *no* 
> other looper does?  One step loop creation when
> synced to a MIDI clock. 
>   I choose the amount of beats it looks for and the
> start point and then 
> I can just PLAY.  Yeah, I know you can do something
> a little similar 
> with the EDP, but I've tried that and it's *not* the
> same.  My request 
> for Loop5 would be to have a mode where you can set
> up your quantize 
> and after hitting record automatically go into
> overdub after a 
> specified number of beats.
> For a short time I did run an EDP and a Repeater at
> the same time, and 
> I found it to be too much.  Each unit does PLENTY in
> my opinion.  I 
> rarely ended up using them both together, but I
> would imagine like 
> anything it would need lot's of practice.  It always
> felt like I was 
> that guy who spins plates on the Ed Sullivan show
> when I was using 
> multiple loopers.  Too hard to focus on the music,
> especially in a live 
> context where things are more chaotic.
> Mark Sottilaro
> On Thursday, May 8, 2003, at 08:12  AM,
> goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
> > stuart's post about syncing three line6 echopros
> reminded me that I 
> > wanted to ask the list if anybody had tried doing
> much the same thing 
> > with two or more jammans. my band has two, and two
> repeaters aswell.


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