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Re: jamman upgrade?

Thank you guys!
(Kim the link didn work unfortunately)

--- max valentino <ekstasis1@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I guess I have become somewhat of the list's
> resident JamBoy expert...I have 
> been using the upgrade chip for about a year now,
> and gave a detailed clinic 
> on it's uses at the recent Loopstck.
> So, what does it do?  Most importantly it allows for
> simultaneous PARALLEL 
> loops to run.  The total loop time is still governed
> by the 32 sec. memory 
> limit, but each loop now has it's own mute, replace,
> layer, and FADE (yes 
> FADE..both volatile and non-volaitle varieties), as
> well as these functions 
> being global.
> and loops can be paused...not just muted, so that
> another click of thepedal, 
> regardless of where in the "loop series" one is,
> will start the loop from 
> its begining........
> The Fades, whether on the mix or on individual
> channels, can be reversed, 
> also, so that a loop which has been faded out can be
> faded back in.
> The loop "channels" are now placed in a stereo field
> (not seteo looping, but 
> the playback is "stereoized") and a pannable across
> a 180 degree 
> spread...very cool.
> There is also a metronome click, not recorded by the
> loop but audible...and 
> a programmable pre-loop delay (a'la Line6 DL4)
> The hippest thing tho, is that any of the parallel
> loops can be toggled into 
> delay mode WHILE THE LOOPS ARE RUNNING, thus
> allowing you to "fade and 
> replace" looped audio at a rate dependent upon the
> feedback level (who's 
> parameters have also been enhanced).  Feedback,
> along with all other 
> parameters are accesible via MIDI pgm change and CC
> commands (much improved 
> over the original layout), and these commands are
> mappable!
> Yes there is also a smaple playback via MIDI
> function (which is tunable) and 
> a mellotron mode, much like the Repeater.
> Overall, besides a few bugs still in the software
> (the reverse function 
> operates as a oneshot, then kills the loop), it
> greatly enhances the 
> "interactive playability" of the JamDude.  The
> parallel loop ability makes 
> it seems as tho you have four (or more) "standard"
> JamBoys running 
> simultaneously, the fade out/fade in function allows
> for segues between loop 
> sections..and the ability to toggle 'tween loop and
> delay modes (with r/t 
> MIDI CC control over feedback) makes playing "with"
> (as opposed to "to") the 
> loop a real gas.
> Oh yes, with the addition of another EEPROM (about
> $90) the unit will 
> remember "setups" (MIDI channels, pan positions,
> feedback lvls.echo divde, 
> pre-delay time, mix vol. threshold etc) and there
> are 16 "pages" of these 
> memory slots to recall (via MIDI of course).
> ANd....all the functions can be accessed sans MIDI
> with two three button 
> footswitches such as the Digitech FS300.
> Pretty gosh darn cool..........
> Max
> >
> >At 12:26 PM 5/8/2003, Louie Angulo wrote:
> >>Just curious what exactly does the Jamman upgrade
> do?
> >>L.a
> >
> >Bob Sellon's web site:
> >http://www.stecrecords.com/gear/jamman/index.html
> >
> >kim
> >
> >
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