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Re: jamman upgrade?

I guess I have become somewhat of the list's resident JamBoy expert...I 
been using the upgrade chip for about a year now, and gave a detailed 
on it's uses at the recent Loopstck.

So, what does it do?  Most importantly it allows for simultaneous PARALLEL 
loops to run.  The total loop time is still governed by the 32 sec. memory 
limit, but each loop now has it's own mute, replace, layer, and FADE (yes 
FADE..both volatile and non-volaitle varieties), as well as these 
being global.
and loops can be paused...not just muted, so that another click of 
regardless of where in the "loop series" one is, will start the loop from 
its begining........
The Fades, whether on the mix or on individual channels, can be reversed, 
also, so that a loop which has been faded out can be faded back in.

The loop "channels" are now placed in a stereo field (not seteo looping, 
the playback is "stereoized") and a pannable across a 180 degree 
spread...very cool.
There is also a metronome click, not recorded by the loop but 
a programmable pre-loop delay (a'la Line6 DL4)

The hippest thing tho, is that any of the parallel loops can be toggled 
delay mode WHILE THE LOOPS ARE RUNNING, thus allowing you to "fade and 
replace" looped audio at a rate dependent upon the feedback level (who's 
parameters have also been enhanced).  Feedback, along with all other 
parameters are accesible via MIDI pgm change and CC commands (much 
over the original layout), and these commands are mappable!

Yes there is also a smaple playback via MIDI function (which is tunable) 
a mellotron mode, much like the Repeater.

Overall, besides a few bugs still in the software (the reverse function 
operates as a oneshot, then kills the loop), it greatly enhances the 
"interactive playability" of the JamDude.  The parallel loop ability makes 
it seems as tho you have four (or more) "standard" JamBoys running 
simultaneously, the fade out/fade in function allows for segues between 
sections..and the ability to toggle 'tween loop and delay modes (with r/t 
MIDI CC control over feedback) makes playing "with" (as opposed to "to") 
loop a real gas.

Oh yes, with the addition of another EEPROM (about $90) the unit will 
remember "setups" (MIDI channels, pan positions, feedback lvls.echo divde, 
pre-delay time, mix vol. threshold etc) and there are 16 "pages" of these 
memory slots to recall (via MIDI of course).

ANd....all the functions can be accessed sans MIDI with two three button 
footswitches such as the Digitech FS300.

Pretty gosh darn cool..........


>At 12:26 PM 5/8/2003, Louie Angulo wrote:
>>Just curious what exactly does the Jamman upgrade do?
>Bob Sellon's web site:


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