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--- "anti:clockwise"
<anticlockwise@tensionheadache.org> wrote:
> hey bIz
> hell yeah i make my own. it can be a great way to
> save money, as well as 
> getting precisely what you need for whatever you
> need it for, cable-wise.
> for example - if you have a bunch of sources that
> are located physically 
> nearby one another (such as in a rack) why not use a
> multichannel snake 
> instead of individual runs? my rig has one 6 channel
> snake that Y's into 2 
> groups of 3 ch's; each of different lengths,
> terminating in a few different 
> kinds of connectors and servicing both inputs and
> outputs. one side is 
> connected right to a mixer, man does it save set up
> time (and for me, 
> that's saying a lot.)
> you can do a pretty good job with gepco snake for a
> job like this and it 
> won't set you back like canare or mogami will.
> and get a switchcraft catalog. you wouldn't know how
> many termination 
> options there are in the world til you see one of
> these. man, i am SO down 
> with right-angle 1/4" plugs. i get all sexed up just
> thinking bout em.
> if you live near a decent pro-audio house (guitar
> center does NOT count) 
> they should be able to sell you raw wire (snake,
> single conductor shielded, 
> whatever you need) by the foot right off the roll.
> i'm lucky, living in 
> nyc, i just go get. colors, even.
> if you're not so well situated for that, a 
> <http://www.fullcompass.com/>full compass catalog
> will do almost as nicely. 
> you can get raw wire and connectors from them.
> and the smell of solder - don't even START me!
> a:c
> on Thu, 8 May 2003 13:08:37 -0700
> "Jonathan El-Bizri" <ssrndpty@hotmail.com>
> wondered:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone had any resources for
> making your own cables?
> I'm in the process of rebuilding my rack, and would
> like to do a good job 
> for once. Also, I have a number of specific items I
> need to create (such as 
> y-cables for mixing two signals - with resistors
> inline) and making cables 
> seems like a good place to start.
> bIz

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