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Re: Help! I may need a new line mixer!

>Just a little over two weeks before my big gig and my trusty
>Rocktron G612, one space, 12-channel, 4-send, rack mixer
>went on the fritz this evening.
>Any recommendations? I saw a used Roland M12O for sale
>somewhere and even though it's used, their stuff is usually
>built like a tank.
>And yes, I do need all of those channels and aux FX sends.
>I also prefer something rackable in only a couple of spaces.
>Not too much being made like that these days. Anybody
>got any ideas?
>This thing has served me well for nearly a decade. I'm gonna
>miss the dumb thing. I don't seem to be able to find an
>exact replacement. So I'll probably have to go with whatever
>else I can find.
>Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.

Hi tED

I replaced the Mackie 1202 in my live looping setup with a Roland 
M160, and I've been pretty happy with it. 16 channels, 4 sends (1 
pre-fader) no EQ. Even though it's older, it's been way more reliable 
than the Mackie, I was replacing pots in it about every 3-4 months. 
Sounds good, not a ton of headroom, but if you watch your levels, it 
sounds excellent.